Enjoy an extra two hours of riding. Campers aloud in two hours before
gates open!!
Primitive camping and a shower house is available to all who would
like to avoid the lines to get in on Saturday and Sunday morning. Only
those people purchasing a camping/ admission pass will be allowed in
the camping area.
Allowed into park two hours before the gates open.        
(That means that your not stuck in line for hours)
No need to get up early to make the drive.
Can go back and forth from the campsite all day long.
Allowed to set up camp after noon on Friday and you do
not have to leave until noon on Monday.
We are located less than three miles from gas, food, and
a grocery store.
Campfires are permitted in designated areas

Garbage and portable toilets available

HOT Shower House available for your convinces
Campsite is $5.00 per adult.

If you want to reserve campsites
together please call for
Camping fee discounted if more
than 10 people in your group.
Please contact us to let us know
your group is coming and how
many there are.
Must purchase a camping
wristband for everyone who is
going to enter the camping area
Camping Cost
Luster's Longhorn Mud Ranch
Still have questions? Use our
contact page. Feel free to leave an
necessary, but appreciated). You
can contact us anytime. We look
forward to seeing you there!!!